Techno and UFOs: A Salford match made in heaven

A techno label, Ourtime Music, is making a disturbance in the space time continuum and somehow the sighting of a UFO over Strangeways prison a couple of years ago has got something to do with it.

Ourtime was born out of a collection of deep techno specialists in Salford and Manchester that have been collaborating since way back in 2002, and if you’re a regular in the streets and clubs of Manchester and Salford you may well know some of the protagonists.

So far the label has put out four tracks by d.ball, aka Dave Ball, aka Our Dave, that offer warm, lickety split rhythms and crystalline loopings that are crisper than lightly steamed broccoli. The stripped bare drum and keys lock tight in a soulful burn-through that your feet will find irresistible.

So, where do the UFOs come into it. A strong rumour has it that one of the founding members of the Ourtime gang was sitting quietly at home one Sunday afternoon when he spotted through his flat window what he took to be a UFO hovering over HMP Manchester. Leaping into action our intrepid hero whipped out his phone, and the rest is history so to speak. Well, it would have been if a local paper hadn’t spotted the video on Facebook and gone large on the story. And they say journalism is a busted flush.

Suspicions of an extraterrestrial involvement only increase with the news that d.ball is doing a live set on Alien Wax’s Reform Radio show tonight. Clearly we have moved beyond the realms of conspiracy and into the world of fact. Ourtime Music is mind-humping us with techno and we want more.


Ourtime Music

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