Turf: sunshine of the slightly tarnished mind

Turf are playing at Fallow Cafe in Fallowfield on Friday 15th July with Freakout Honey. Tickets £3

If cities can be said to have a sound, a particular mood, or a unifying culture then Manchester has a reputation for a gritty post-industrial determination to fly in the face of anyone who’s got one, and Turf join that raucous assemblage whether they like it or not.

Turf take musical cues from the West Coast post-hardcore underground of the mid-80’s in a way that brings to mind the Melvins and Minutmen mixed with the disjointed pop sensibilities of the more recent Mansion.

The band, fronted by brothers Danny and Jake Parker, inject a sunny taste of the ‘land of the lotus eaters’ into a live performance that is both intoxicating and cheerfully disconcerting . Turf’s cover of Prince’s Kiss explodes from the stage with a driven and maniacal gut-churning passion that grabs at possession.

Turf’s rhythmic engine room is marshaled by Adam Farr on drums and bass player Pete Crowder giving the band a steely pace and urgent demand that has a touch of Black Flag and a taste of the Dead Kennedys’ strident mania.

Turf released their debut EP Shark Week last summer garnering press and radio notice and have since been regulars on stages across Manchester with slots at Dot to Dot and Chorlton Arts festivals this summer honing Turf’s vital energy in to a biting demand to be listened to.

The band are currently recording their first album and are playing a live set at Fallow Cafe in Fallowfield on Friday 15th July.


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