Hats for the homeless

Amid all the talk of a ‘new politics’ there is a renewed belief on the streets that there must be a way of doing things differently and two Manchester-based brothers have have taken matters in to their own hands and launched WAWWA – a clothing firm with a different attitude.

Based in legendary cultural hotspot Afflecks Palace, Sean and Andy confront the growing homeless tragedy on our city streets on a daily basis, and have decided to try and do something beyond sharing loose change and the odd cigarette.


Specialising in Street wear featuring designs inspired by their love of music and cultural mashups WAWWA are donating wooly hats to the homeless. For every wooly hat they sell one hat will be donated to the homeless.

As an idea it probably won’t have a massive impact on the homeless crisis, but you can’t fault the motivation.

You can find out more about WAWWA here – http://wawwa.co.uk


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