Gin: From mother’s ruin to man buns

A major marketing triumph of recent times has been the transformation of cider from something that was drunk by spotty teenagers in parks into the drink of choice for people who don’t like beer much. Cider fans have even been convinced that you need to water it down with ice, thus improving profit margins substantially. A triumph indeed.

Now it seems gin has been given an equally ambitious makeover. From ‘mother’s ruin’ of the past gin is fast becoming the tipple of choice for the hip and bearded. Where once the only acceptable use for gin was a very post colonial G & T there are now a proliferation of trendy gin joints, gin festivals and gin-themed nights out. Where once gin and water was the eye-watering preserve of dangerous grandmothers and depressed housewives, now earnest millennials with cut and paste tattoos and a taste for man buns discuss the pros and cons of numerous artisan brands.

According to one of Manchester’s leading food/drink/techno gurus, Tony Naylor, gin sales have hit £1bn in the last year and are likely to keep on growing. For a drink that was infamous for its frankly depressing effect that has got to be one of the marketing triumphs of the decade.


Hats for the homeless

Amid all the talk of a ‘new politics’ there is a renewed belief on the streets that there must be a way of doing things differently and two Manchester-based brothers have have taken matters in to their own hands and launched WAWWA – a clothing firm with a different attitude.

Based in legendary cultural hotspot Afflecks Palace, Sean and Andy confront the growing homeless tragedy on our city streets on a daily basis, and have decided to try and do something beyond sharing loose change and the odd cigarette.


Specialising in Street wear featuring designs inspired by their love of music and cultural mashups WAWWA are donating wooly hats to the homeless. For every wooly hat they sell one hat will be donated to the homeless.

As an idea it probably won’t have a massive impact on the homeless crisis, but you can’t fault the motivation.

You can find out more about WAWWA here –